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Increase your business awareness with PR agency in a box

Auto - writing personalized pitches and documents

Using various sources of information for PR in one place

Mailing by using extended database of contacts

Analyzing mail responses

Monitoring campaign metrics

Use AI-powered solution from industry experts to create your PR campaign

AI service helps users to carry out PR campaigns:

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Our Advantages

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We provide all the necessary tools for preparing PR campaigns: contact database, processing data sources, pitch generator and others.

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PR Campaign in 10 minutes

Quickly create pitches from source materials

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Writing PR documents

Prepare a document in different styles: work, school, blog, press release

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Smart targeting

Increase open rate and reply through pitch targeting

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Improving performance

Monitor the increase in reply and open rate metrics of PR campaign

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Process responses

Process replies from respondents and improve your campaign

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Document Verification

Authorship your content with video pitching and NFT


Problems we solve


Preparation of personalized PR pitches & documents takes a lot of PR staff time

Small businesses usually do not have PR specialists and are forced to resort to expensive agency services

Often, a PR employee uses many separate software and services, switching between them and paying for each of them


Why use our software?

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PR Agency in a box

Our software Exclusiveprai provides all the necessary tools for preparing PR campaigns: contact database, processing data sources, pitch generator, text editing service, mailing service, response analytics service and others

AI is a powerful friend

The use of artificial intelligence technologies helps to analyze large amounts of information four you abd compose short semantic text for PR purposes

Collect all sources in one place

Use our software as a repository for your PR materials, documents, audio interviews, pitches, NFTs and more. Work with them comfortably and on the fly

Personalization is the key to success

Personalized writing of pitches can significantly increase respondent engagement. Our software  can use respondents' materials to prepare individual pitches. Verify authorship with NFTs and pass confidently through spam filters

Control over results is our everything

Setting up our software is so easy - it takes less than 5 minutes. The dashboard helps you immediately analyze the response and see the increase in PR campaign metrics

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